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    How to participate in the “Click Light Challenge” and how it works ?

    Participate without buying Clic-Light ?

    Sure you can. Click here.

    About the challenge

    Since the marketing of the first Clic Light, we have noted that 100 of our customers have all been stopped at least once because of the Clic Light. Most often at a traffic light.

    The Clic Light user is stopped and another road user stops at the same level and asks what the name of this equipment is.

    The duration of a traffic light is on average 30 seconds, This is a very short time to exchange information between users. Moreover, it is not the most adequate place in terms of safety.

    Printing coupons and distributing them to anyone interested in the Clic Light, makes the exchange of information between users simpler and faster.

    This is the solution we have put in place to reduce any danger.

    A word from the founder

    Inspired by a quote from a great man:

    « The battles of life are not won by the strongest, nor by the fastest, but by those who never give up ».

    We have worked to make a public utility project viable to improve the protection of cyclists and motorcyclists.

    Victims of reduced visibility in dense traffic, the danger is constant for users of bicycles and motorbikes and urban mobility devices on the roads. As the human body is the bodywork, the slightest fall can be fatal.

    Aware of the risk and wanting to contribute to the reduction of accidents, we design innovative safety solutions that are accessible to all.