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Clic-Light V2 + Système d'attache universel


This innovative device allows users to be noticed with a car-like light display system strapped to their backs.
whether they are caught in bad weather during the day or on an unlit road at night.

It has been proven to improve safety and significantly reduce the risk of colliding with other road users from behind or from the side.


Cyclists and e-scooter riders navigating heavy traffic stay in control at all times as their hands stay on the handlebars while signaling vehicles and pedestrians when to turn.

Waterproof, the Clic-Light remains operational in all weathers and at temperatures ranging from -10°C to +50°C. At night, it is visible from 400 meters away. Its USB-C charging cable allows it to be plugged into any regular electrical outlet. Clic-Light can be used for more than ten days between two recharges.

Capacity: 2500 MAh
Type : Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Run Time : Up to 30 hours
*On position Light Mode
Charging Port: USB-C

LEDs: 37 tinted LEDs
Visibility Range: 400m
Control Modes: 3
Signal Types: 6
Auto Reverse System

Runtime: 30 days
Battery: 250 mAh
Connection: USB-C
Indicators: 3 LEDs

Enclosure Rating: IP65*

Usable with

Combines the ultimate in visibility with comfort

Where other standard light systems are attached to a helmet, Clic-Light is carried on the back of the user within a lightweight harness, giving other road users an excellent line of sight. Wearable over any clothing or backpack (backpack harness available separately), it combines the ultimate in visibility with comfort and it is perfect for commuting too.